About Us

We are dedicated experts in finding ways to transform and increase the perceived value of our clients' properties, from foundation to finish.

Our mission

We are Wolf Carpenters with the mission of carrying out spectacular work that delights our clients.

Our vision

We aim to be a benchmark company, recognized for excellence in carpentry and painting in the Boston area.

Our values

Teamwork - Honesty - Respect - Excellence - Responsibility - Meritocracy

Professional Management

We are one of the few companies in the market that manages strategically using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology. 

Method created at Harvard University We closely monitor our strategic planning, and our projects are measured daily with indicators and goals, ensuring that we have the best and safest delivery in the market.

Our strategic planning is audited weekly by the Line Institute.

Why We Chose the Name Wolf Carpenters

The inception of Wolf Carpenters emerged from a conversation centered around finding a name that resonated with our values. It was in that moment that ‘Wolf’ surfaced – it felt right, instinctive.

We decided on the name Wolf Carpenters because, with entrepreneurship coursing through our veins, we believe that the foundation for a successful company (pack) lies in behaving and acting like wolves.

Wolves live in packs, they are a cohesive unit, working together, respecting hierarchies, and embodying values we admire in the animal kingdom.

From that moment onward, we embarked on the next phase, blending our own values with those of the wolves, and nurturing great talents to become Wolf Carpenters.

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